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This fast and managed one-way instant messenger keeps employees informed and updated in a few seconds
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2 May 2015

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This clear, easy to use and light-weight secure IM client designed for instant alerting and urgent messaging for use in a business and corporate environment. The messaging server provides IM logging, user grouping, offline and scheduled messaging.

Features: Bopup Observer is part of the secure messenger solution. This is the client part of the service that sits on the user machine and delivers the instant messages from the communication server. This gives the user notification of a message available for him and has the necessary alerts provided. The solution combines message delivery solution is capable of delivering messages with links, fonts and color formatting, emoticons etc. Messages can be sent as urgent messages or in confirmation mode. Confirmation mode enables a pop up which remains on top of all windows and needs a confirmation click to turn off.

Messages can be delivered off-line too. The addressee gets the message as soon as he is on-line. Messaging is encrypted with strong algorithms so that personal and group conversations are safe and secure even if you send messages via the Internet. You will never lose any information you exchange because offline messages are stored and automatically delivered by the server when the recipient goes online. Favorite message grouping ensures that the messages are there on the server until you delete them specifically. The centralized management of user groups allows organizing a flexible IM structure with a list of assigned groups and send/receive-only permissions available to each user. No previous experience is really required as the interface is quite intuitive. You can log all user activity and archive all messages with reporting, search and printing options.

Overall: Along with the communication server this constitutes a nice set of solution for the communication needs of your business. It is easy to set up and manage.

Publisher's description

Bopup Observer is a fast, simple and completely managed one-way instant messenger that gives an efficient way to keep employees informed and updated securely just in a few seconds. It is ideal for use in medical, clinic and educational networks to receive urgent messages, high-priority events, alerts and documents sent by administrator and other co-workers. The messenger connects to an IM server, Bopup Communication Server, which provides automated, planned and offline messaging with a chat, conversation and file transfer history.
This messaging client works like an instant pager and it supports extended messages with font and color formatting, URLs and hyperlinks shown in the text of incoming notifications. The most important feature is the Confirmation Mode activated on the collaboration server that pops up and brings the application on a top of other programs on the Desktop until the user confirms the received message. This is a great and very attractive way to get a user's attention and to be sure that the critical message has been properly delivered.
Since Bopup Observer is offered for use in business LANs and enterprise-level networks it provides different authorization methods including Windows Authentication for domain-based environments. The chat server organizes user groups and includes the News Messaging system to send instant messages and emergency alerts on a scheduled time or with specified regularity. Bopup Communication Server also distributes new versions of the messenger software so there are no needs to update the client programs by hand on employee workstations. Built-in Branding functionality gives an easy customization and shows company logo uploaded on the communications server in the messenger GUI.
The IM server has an integration with Active Directory and imports user accounts and AD groups. This client supports Terminal / Citrix environments with multiple instances of the messenger running on the same server PC.
Bopup Observer
Bopup Observer
Version 5.5.3
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